Are you happy with your smile?
Are your teeth uneven, damaged, missing or discoloured?
We offer a full range of treatments from the smallest repair to complete makeovers.

Small and inexpensive changes to your teeth can often have a big impact on your smile.
Small chips and marks can be easily repaired with a small amount of white filling material that is colour matched and moulded to your tooth. This is a quick and inexpensive treatment that can often have great results.

Veneers are very similar to false fingernails- they are made from porcelain and cover the smile side of the tooth they can be used to reshape and improve small, spaced out , crooked or discoloured teeth.
The procedure is comfortable and can transform your smile. This is an option that can be discussed with you at your consultation.

If more than 50% of your tooth is missing or if a large filling needs to be replaced we can consider making a crown to restore your tooth. Crowns are very strong can be made in gold or to look like a real tooth.
Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. A single missing tooth or a small gap can be replaced with a bonded bridge whilst a bigger gap or with two or more missing teeth may require a more complex bridge.

A fairly complex procedure which can be carried out in order to save teeth; often requiring a crown after completion

Missing teeth can happen for many reasons, accidents, wear and tear or where conventional dentistry hasn’t worked. Implants can be used for one or more missing teeth to restore your smile. An implant is a permanent replacement for a lost tooth and will match your other teeth. The benefits are immense and because implants are complex procedures that require a lot of planning and are tailored to your exact personal requirements treatment with implants can take longer and cost more. However the end result is a permanent, aesthetic solution that replaces individual missing teeth whilst leaving the teeth either side in their natural healthy condition.

Orthodontics is not just for children, it is available for everyone. It can provide a beautiful straight smile whilst leaving your teeth in their natural healthy condition. In many cases having a straighter smile means that your oral hygiene can be greatly improved. Orthodontics is available using conventional metal brackets, with tooth coloured brackets. Other aesthetic options available include invisalign and lingual orthodontics.

How often do you smile?  Do you smile with your lips shut for the camera or when meeting people for the first time?

Home Whitening

This is a simple painless procedure where we produce a custom made shell which fits over your teeth.  Whitening gel is added and the shell is worn for one hour a day for two weeks.  The period can be extended depending upon how much whitening you require.  Beautiful subtle results can be seen within a few days.  Any whitening gel that remains can be saved in the fridge for up to two years and can be used when you want to top you your smile for those special occasions.

Zoom Tooth Whitening

For patients who want instant results, we have the Zoom tooth whitening system ( .  This is one of the world’s best known tooth whitening products and is frequently seen on makeover television programmes.  By using a stronger whitening gel and a special activation light, your teeth can be whitened within one hour.  A custom made shell, along with whitening gel used for one hour a day, is used to maintain the colour for 3 days and can then be used to top up your smile whenever you want.

Modern denture designs can offer an alternative solution to missing teeth at a lower fee than implants. Modern dentures are strong and good-looking.
By working closely with patients, using old photographs the dentist and the technician can recreate a long lost smile and restore your chewing ability.

Please feel free to ask any of our team about your children’s teeth. We have children ourselves and we want children to feel happy and comfortable whilst visiting the dentist whether it be for routine examinations or treatment. We have a wealth of knowledge that is yours for asking – please ask.

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